Our Organisation

The Objective of the are under taken without any prejudice to the caste religion sect. These are given in the blow: This trust uses the donations, interest and other income for the blow given objectives/ Activities.

Paying fee, books, scholarship, educational, materials, award to the worthy and poor students. Rendering assistance to the students staying in the hostels. The rewards are given to intelligent students. The award sponsoring and adopting the students for that studies.

The Canvissing and storeading the educational the trust establish Nurseries, Primary School, Collages Hostels, Training School for blinds, deaf, and dumb. The Trust also assists to establish libraries, running them successfully. It also helps in spreading the adult educations and Females educations.

Other Educational activities as per the Government Schemes

Rendering the assistant to the Poor’s, elder lies, sick peoples, helpless, handicapped, deaf, dumbs, widows, the people affected to the natural calamities, through payments in cash and kinds, Also rendering assistant Medical aids to this People.

Organizing dance, Musical and Melodious Musical and other related activities.

Developing the characters and educational development among youth.

Arranging Sports activities, arranging the sports training facilities, payment of cash and kinds to the youths for taking part in sport activities.

Encouraging the activities of Mountain scaling, trips to Rivers and rivulets and developing the co-operation activities.

Arranging coaching classis and training class is for the recruitments, Railway, Air force, Navy etc..

Developing the Character in Children

Arranging Knowledge Shibirs / Seminars.

To establish and sustain the homes for senior citizens women welfare centers, religious centers.

To provide and established the welfare measures at the senior citizens homes.

To arrange the religious programs of Bhajan, Kirtan, and light Melofieous Music Programms at the senior citizens homes women welfare centers through installing Television sets, Tape Recorders, D.V.D.S.

Arranging Medical Camps for the Senior Citizens.

To establish Drinking Water Centers/ Fountains and extending service to the foot walkers.

To Provide the useful assistance to the establish cottage industry centers for women to enable them to become Self dependent through making domestic articles, stitching and weaving, etc.

To assist all these establishment through physical and financial help.

To assist for the agricultural development, research activities

To render training to farmers and agricultural labour for increasing the farm production / crop production.

To render financial assistant to poor farmers and farm laboures.

To provide improved quality seeds, fertilizers. Maneuvers and arranging the training for using the Farm implements equipments.

To improve the horticultural development activates.

To arrange appropriate to activities to assist the poor’s and helpless and needy people to work at the small scale industries by enabling them to avail employment opportunities small investment. Financing them Small investment to Start there on genius activities

To awaken the society at longer, for improving Environment and reducing the environment pollution.

To Arrange Rural education, Medical Assistant, Farming and Animal Husbandry Development Activities.

To Undertake the activities to improve the standard of living of Farm Labours artisans.

To spread awareness in social Justice and Education.

To Undertake the activities for stopping the existing bad social rituals and bad habit/ addiction.